The Top Dog Express Car Wash is a vehicle cleaning facility that has been owned and operated by a family in the full service car washes and oil changes business since 1997.

Utilizing top-of-the-line, well-maintained, environmentally sensitive wash equipment – the goal of the Top Dog Express Car Wash is to clean our customers vehicles quickly and efficiently – while offering friendly quality service and a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, all at a fair price.

Top Dog Express Car Wash & Oil Change has been an integral part of the Sanford community since its opening in 2008. Top Dog Express is family owned and operated by the founders and owners of Lake Mary Car Wash & Oil Change which has been a staple in the area since 1997. Top Dog Express is a state of the art “flex” serve car wash. The term flex refers to the two service options available to customers. For example, the traditional full service car wash option places your vehicle in the skilled hands of the professional staff from start to finish. This option is ideal for those who appreciate interior vacuum service, wheel and window cleaning, bug removal, and hand applied tire shine. Conversely, the express customer may opt to vacuum his or her own car at the “FREE VAC’ station, for unlimited periods of time, following the completion of the exterior vehicle wash. Both options offer excellent service and quality in a timely fashion, thus representing the vision of TOP DOG EXPRESS. In other words, this facility is designed to process large numbers of cars at high rates of speed with minimal wait times and ultimate levels of service and quality. Top Dog Express also features full service automotive detail and oil change facilities. Top Dog’s oil change department exemplifies the term express as the typical service times are approximately 10-15 minutes. Available services include basic oil changes, transmission services, air conditioning recharging, and a wide variety of other services that many erroneously believe are only available at car dealerships. The name TOP DOG evolved out of the owners’ shared love of dogs. Many of you know the yellow Labrador Retriever known as Oscar the Car Wash Dog. The lovable canine has been greeting customers and raising money for countless charitable causes at Lake Mary Car Wash for over twelve years. In addition to Oscar’s philanthropic work, his likeness is portrayed within the Top Dog logo. Oscar’s cousin, Lucy, is a young yellow Lab who has recently joined the Top Dog Express family. She will partner with Oscar to continue his lifetime legacy of work for the community. In fact, Oscar is so fond of Lucy that he is willing to let her believe that she is the face of Top Dog Express! They both look forward to seeing you at the car wash.

A few of the organizations we have supported in the past include:

  • Children’s Miracle Network
  • Project Paws
  • VFW (Veterens of Foreign Wars)
  • Chris DiMarco’s Tee Up For Life (American Cancer Society)
  • Ovarian Cancer Society
  • Lake Mary High School
  • Seminole High School
  • Greater Sanford Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Seminole County Chamber of Commerce