Individual washes add up over the month.

Stop paying for each one! Say hello to Top Dog savings and swag with our Unlimited SpeedPass!

Drive in. Shine on.
All Month Long!

To enroll, simply visit any of our convenient central Florida locations and select your plan. You’ll receive an RFID sticker to put on your windshield, which will allow you to cruise through the wash as many times as you need every single month without having to stop at the pay station!

As a member, your credit card will be charged on the first of every month, so there are no bills to track.

Why Speedpass?

  • Best Value

    Wash as often as you like for just one monthly payment, starting at $19.99/month. Our Unlimited SpeedPass plans pay for themselves in as little as two washes!

  • Hassle-Free

    As a Speedpass holder, you receive a free RFID tag that allows your vehicle to be automatically recognized when you enter the wash. There’s no need to wait in long lines or pay each time you visit, so you can drive in and shine on!

  • Contract Free

    Never any contracts, paired with easy-to-manage account access on site or on our website, makes Top Dog’s SpeedPass an uncontested win.

Get Started!


  • Adds a layer of envy-worthy protection and shine to the clear coat and vehicle surface. Available with Guard Dog only.

  • rain repel

    Effortlessly wicks off moisture from the vehicle. Available with Guard Dog and Top Dog.


    Creates glossy glow and shine. Available with Guard Dog and Top Dog.


    Carnauba wax adds protection while augmenting shine. Available with Guard Dog, Top Dog, and Big Dog.